Study Note 9 – The Complete Private Pilot

Here is what I learned while I studying the book “The Complete Private Pilot”. Most of the note text are in English, and may not translate to Chinese any more.

It is a great book that everyone who is or want to become a private pilot should read it.

In this section of ‘The Complete Private Pilot’, I learned number of knowledge and technique that related to navigation but more focus on pilotage and methord so called ‘dead recokning’. No doubt that navigation technique is vital for every flight. It covered every part of pre-flight planing and enroute navigating.

It is also should know that some aircraft pre-flight planing is covered which not told in Lesson 9, such us units convert and some fuel calculation. I study how to using a flight computer – E6B in this lesson. Noteble that, I am using a FREE mobile app to repacing with the solid E6B. If you want, please search ‘Flight Computer’ in any App Store and Google Play, it is a great app which simulates every function of a real E6B should have perfectly!


The most important part of this lesson is learn how to read charts for VFR flight. FAA Sectional Charts is the most detailed chart in the world, and it cover every part of visual pilot needs, so it is import to learn how to read the chart and how to deal with the airspaces is critical. Yes, another difficulty is remember airspaces with their restrictions, visibilities and cloud clearence requrired and much more things…sad!

All 12 pics of notes here, note that some of the graphics in this notes are come from FAA The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and some of them from the original book, so all pics coming from original book are not authorized for re-posting, please don’t re-posting any of these pics to any other website or even in your blog, unless you buy this book.


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