Study Note 6 – The Complete Private Pilot

Here is what I learnt while I studying the book “The Complete Private Pilot”. Most note text are in English, and may not translate to Chinese any more.

It is a great book that everyone who is or want to become a private pilot should read it.

When learning this section of ‘The Complete Private Pilot’, I suddenly realized that I have a lot of knowledge to learn for the Aviation Weather. What I learned before is too few to finish a normal VFR flight.

It is no doubt that importance to learn the fundamental knowledge of aviation weather, especially for general aviation pilots. Last year (2018), there are a lot of accidents, some are fatal accidents, caused by VFR pilot lost control in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Condition). (Even though according to AOPA’s statistic, more than 80% GA accidents happened at clear daytime). That is why I learn  the weather knowledge very comprehensively.

Here is some tips to learn aviation weather:

  • Learn vocabulary of describing meteorological phenomenon first, cause it will slow down the reading and hinder learning knowledge.
  • Search web for photos and pictures for cloud family and thunderstorm.
  • Reference other resources and material, cause I don’t think The Complete Private Pilot is sufficient in teaching aviation weather. Read some publication products from FAA is necessary, such us Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and Advisory Circular 00-6A Aviation Weather.

All 11 pics of notes here, note that some of the graphics in this notes are come from the original book, so all pics are not authorised for re-posting, please don’t reposting any of these pics to any other website or even in your blog, unless you buy this book.

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