Study Note 5 – The Complete Private Pilot

Here is what I learnt while I studying the book “The Complete Private Pilot”. Most note text are in English, and may not translate to Chinese any more.

It is a great book that everyone who is or want to become a private pilot should read it.

In this section of studying ‘The Complete Private Pilot’, I do learned more about what should concern about the airport, normal procedures and inflight emergency, and much more about humen factors / aeronautical factors, futher more I learned much much more about Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and basis of Risk Managment.

This chapter is a little chaos in my oppinon, the athor mix up airport (include its marking and lighting) and procedures into one, and I do prefer it should be seperated to at least two piceses.

Further more, after study this section, I also have a mid-term exam for myself. In order to test how well I learned from lesson 1 to 5 (bedore weather and other chapters). During the mid-term exam, I found a lot of knowledge that I may not really extablished before. Here is a list what I should strength afterward:

  • Gound reference manuevers which for wind correction: rectangular course, fly around a point and S-Turns.
  • Terms that related altitude, true altitude, absolute altitude and density altitude.
  • Magnatic compass related, include magnatic deviation / variation, errors, etc.

I would learn more knowladge and strength the list later on.

All 18 pics of notes here, note that some of the graphics in this notes are come from the original book, so all pics are not authorised for re-posting, please don’t reposting any of these pics to any other website or even in your blog, unless you buy this book.

Note for CPP 5-64Note for CPP 5-65Note for CPP 5-66Note for CPP 5-67Note for CPP 5-68Note for CPP 5-69Note for CPP 5-70Note for CPP 5-71Note for CPP 5-72Note for CPP 5-73Note for CPP 5-74Note for CPP 5-75Note for CPP 5-76Note for CPP 5-77Note for CPP 5-78Note for CPP 5-79Note for CPP 5-80Note for CPP 5-81

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