Study Note 2 – The Complete Private Pilot

Here is what I learnt while I studying the book “The Complete Private Pilot”. Most note text are in English, and may not translate to Chinese any more.

It is a great book that everyone who is or want to become a private pilot should read it.

In this section of study, I learnt a lot of things that all about general aviation airplane’s powerplant , electrical system and all other system. The author write a lot of beyond what I expected not only just knowledge but also his experiences and tricks and tips for handling these systems.

What amazed me is that he provided a lot of useful tips for dealing with such things related engine system, fuel system and mixture control. Followings are the some of them, quoted here:

The best way to lean the mixture is to keep it at the leanest setting compatible with safe operating temperatures; too hot is better than too cold.

If you are operating at a high-altitude airport, the thin air may cause roughness during idle operation and taxiing, and the addition of carburetor heat during runup will make the roughness worse. Under those conditions, lean the mixture for the highest rpm during a full-power runup and leave it in that position for takeoff.

All 13 pics of notes here, note that all pics in this notes are come from the original book, so all pics are not authorized for re-posting, please don’t reposting any of these pics to any other website or even in your blog, unless you buy this book.


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