Study Note 4 – The Complete Private Pilot

Here is what I learnt while I studying the book “The Complete Private Pilot”. Most note text are in English, and may not translate to Chinese any more.

It is a great book that everyone who is or want to become a private pilot should read it.

In this section of study, I learnt a lot of things that all about Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). It is really hard to remember such many regulations. And for studying this section, I also bought the WHOLE book of FAR/AIM both in page print and iPad app.  It help me much more than I previous thinking. So if you want to learn FAR more deeply and comprehensive, it is suggest that buy a book of FAR/AIM, either print or ebook/app is okay. It is also should know that FAR is too complex, and changed every year, so a handy printed FAR/AIM or ebook  in the hand is better.

In this book, author did not introduce FAR exclusively, it is also suggesting something about NTSB and how to deal with incident and accident. By the way, I also watch some general aviation safety related articles and videos from AOPA Air Safety Institute YouTube channel and from FAA Safety website.

Note that in this section, something important procedure and regulations that related to airspace, airport procedure and weather related requirement from FAR and AIM are not mentioned or ignored deliberately. Those content are mentioned and discussed in next chapter and further more chapter.

I also noticed the medical certificate that required by FAA for airman, here is a checklist found via Internet, I feel it is very useful!

All 21 pics of notes here, note that some of the graphics in this notes are come from the original book, so all pics are not authorized for re-posting, please don’t reposting any of these pics to any other website or even in your blog, unless you buy this book. And some of colored graphics is came from FAA’s Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, you can find a free download from FAA’s website.

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